Post Doctoral Fellows

PhD Students

Master’s Students


Alumni Master’s Students (Cont’d)

  • Tharanga Ekanayake, M.Eng.
  • Bruna Freitas (co-supervised with Prof. Biddle), M.ASc.
  • El-Dalati (co-supervised with Prof. Makrakis), M.ASc.
  • Saeideh Ashtarifar, M.ASc.
  • Kashif Mahmoud (co-supervised with Prof. Kunz), M.ASc.
  • Abes Dabir (Senate Medal for outstanding academic achievement), M.ASc.
  • Fadi El-Hassan, M.ASc.
  • Jian Zhu (co-supervised with Prof. Lambadaris), M.ASc.
  • Ghada Ragab, M.Eng.
  • Amisu Salam-Alada, M.Eng.
  • Craig Smith, M.Eng.

Fourth Year Senior Projects (Total of 78 students)

  • (Fall 2018 / Winter 2019): Photoing Services on Next Generation Mobile Networks using 5G-EmPOWER
    Group1 – Ali Ayyash, Sinclair Dacombe, Taewoo Kim, Fahim Tarin
    Group2 – Andrew Arthur, Anthony Bradt, Samuel Iwuno, Jonathan Robertson, Timmy Yip
  • Group(Fall 2016 / Winter 2017): Implementing Network Security Applications in Open-Source SDN Networks
    Ryan Brink, Kurtis Deru, Ryan Heath, John Morrison, Paul Seguin
  • Group(Fall 2015 / Winter 2016):
    Creating and Managing SDN Nodes and Applications
    Gustavo Baron, Wesley Cooper, Craig Labute, Nicholas Landriault, Sean O’riordan
  • Group(Fall 2014 / Winter 2015):
    Creating and Managing SDN Nodes and Applications
    Dino Mesic, Lakshay Ramdhony, Jacob Stec, Julian Teakle, Patryk Zochowski
  • Group(Fall 2013 /Winter 2014):
    Managing network security operations using software routers and SDN controllers
    T. Van Pelt, R. Ormsby, P. Macosso, K. Madaparthi
    Developing a Collaborative Mobile Application
    J. Essiambre, A. Kerr, M. St-John, A. Wong
  • Group(Fall 2012 /Winter 2013):
    Software Defined Networking
    C. Verge, D. McNamee, A. Snajder, E. Platt, K. Huang
    Offering SaaS on an Open Source Private Cloud
    Group1 – K. Dawd, J. Lim, J. Mok, J. Nakibuuka, D. Whitwill
    Group2 – M. Baigent, A. Budilovskiy, K. Kratz, N. Stern, M. Trew
    Commutroid – A Collaborative Mobile Application
    K. Bond, S. Keenan, D. Morrow, J. Theobald
  • Group(Fall 2011 / Winter 2012):
    Design, Implementation and Field Trials of an Open Source Private Cloud
    Alexander Townley, Brian Wilson, Hossein Sabzali,Kevin Mak,Vlad Tohaneanu
  • Group(Winter 2010):
    Developing A Mobile Networked Application
    Group1 – Alec Runge, Dean Al-Hosny, Chris Tessier, Mohammad Zadeh
    Group2 – Erwan James, Doug Ames, David Novosel, Nick Roy
  • Group(Winter 2009):
    photoing a Linux Firewall
    Matthew Jalowiecki, Nick Charland, John Wilson, Rutendo Zvirawa
  • Group(Winter 2008):
    A study of open-source Intrusion Detection Systems
    Alex Koshlich, Patrick Milo, Tanushree Mohan, Mathieu Saumure, Casey Switzer
  • Group(Fall 2006):
    Mechanisms and tools to fight SPAM
    Alaa ElBadri, Justin Geggie, Chris Hardy, Marc Leonard, Stephanie Wong