Welcome to the NGN Research Group Webpage

The Next Generation Networks (NGN) Research Group is a research group focusing on cutting edge networking architectures. We are currently conducting research in the following areas:

  • check Network Security and Privacy
  • check Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • check Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • check Internet Location Verification

The group is supervised by Prof. Ashraf Matrawy. For more information about the research projects we are currently working on, as well as past projects, please visit our projects page.

Latest Group News alarm

  • favorite '18 May Our paper: "Threat Modeling in LTE Small Cell Networks", by D. Sattar, A. Matrawy, T. Bryant, and M. Kneppersm, got accepted at IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical & Computer Engineering CCECE 2018 conference.
  • favorite '18 Jan Our paper: "SDN-VSA: Modeling and Analysis of SDN Control Applications using Vector Spaces", by M. Aslan and A. Matrawy, got accepted at IEEE International Conference on Communications ICC 2018 conference.
  • favorite '17 Aug Our paper: "Could Network View Inconsistency Affect Virtualized Network Security Functions?", by M. Aslan and A. Matrawy, got accepted at IEEE CNS SPC 2017 workshop.
  • favorite '17 Aug Our paper: "An Empirical Model of Packet Processing Delay of the Open vSwitch", by D. Sattar and A. Matrawy, got accepted at IEEE ICNP PVE-SDN 2017 workshop.
  • favorite '17 Feb Our paper: "One Pass Packet Steering (OPPS) for Stateless Policy Chains in Multi-subscriber SDN", by J. Chukwu, A. Matrawy and D. Makrakis, got accepted at IEEE INFOCOM SWFAN 2017 workshop.
  • favorite '17 Jan Our paper: "Accurate Manipulation of Delay-based Internet Geolocation", by A. Abdou, A. Matrawy and P.C. van Oorschot, got accepted at the ACM AsiaCCS conference.
  • favorite '17 Jan Our paper: "The Effect of Buffer Management Strategies on 6LoWPAN's Response to Buffer Reservation Attacks", by A. Raoof and A. Matrawy, got accepted at the IEEE ICC'17 conference.